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Did you know . . .
. . . that one of our presidents caught pneumonia on his inauguration day and died just one month later?. . . that some presidents didn't attend the inauguration of their successors? (chapter entitled "Can't We All Get Along?"). . . that one of our vice presidents was drunk at his inauguration?


. . . that the Bible used by George Washington at the first inauguration in 1789 has also been used by other presidents at their inaugurations?. . . that one president was suffering from a bad case of diarrhea at his inauguration, requiring a doctor to be nearby at all times? ("The Runs For the White House") . . . that an inaugural party resulted in citizens breaking dishes and chairs at the White House?



. . . that one of our presidents was secretly sworn into office a day early? . . . that the president's and vice president's inaugurations were formerly held in separate locations?. . . that one president was administered the oath of office by his own father? ("Father Knows Best")

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